Piddington and Wheeler End Parish Council - Meetings

All meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month and start at 7.30pm in Piddington Village Hall. Members of the Public are always welcome and a time is allowed at the beginning of the meeting for questions to be asked. The Minutes of the meetings are posted below; just click on the date of the meeting if it is underlined. If you have any issues which require detailed answers please send a letter or an email to the Clerk using our contact form.

Date Agenda Minutes
January 9th 2018 Read / Print Read / Print
February 13th 2018 Read / Print Read / Print
March 13th 2018 Read / Print Read / Print
April 10th 2018    
May 8th 2018 - Annual Parish Meeting    
May 8th 2018 - Annual Parish Council Meeting    
May 8th 2018 - Ordinary Meeting    
June 12th 2018    
July 10th 2018    
September 11th 2018    
October 9th 2018    
November 13th 2018    
December 11th 2018    

May 8th 2018 - the Annual Parish Council Meeting, the May meeting and the Annual Parish Meeting: please come along and join us for coffee and a chat. There is a formal section for the first 45 minutes then an informal chance to ask questions.

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