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The Parish Council works within the overall structure of local government to get the best deal for local people. Our Parish Council is made up of 7 councillors and the Parish Clerk. The community functions include addressing local issues and undertaking projects to improve the community, such as recreational spaces, allotments, bus shelters, footpaths, highways, lighting, litter, planning, seats, signs, war memorials, traffic calming, and postal/telecommunication facilities.

The parish council meets on the second Tuesday of each month, except August, in Piddington Village Hall. Members of the public are always welcome to attend the meetings and are given the opportunity to address the Council to express opinions or ask questions.

If you're interested in becoming a Councillor and help make the Parish a better place to live please contact the Clerk for more information or speak to a Councillor to find out what it involves.

Recent activity includes:
Refurbishment of the Piddington Village playground.
A tidy up of the overgrown trees and shrubs along Chipps Hill
Running a local public meeting to review parishioners’ parking concerns and agree plans for improvement.
Organising the Clean for the Queen and sprucing up the village to enter the Best Kept Village competition.


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