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Vision Statement

Vision: The Parish Council will strive to make Piddington and Wheeler End places where people want to live and work, enjoying a sustainable quality of life with good services in a safe and pleasant environment.

Aims: We will work with other organisations, bodies and individuals to focus on the following strategic aims on an ongoing basis. The aims will be reviewed at least annually.

Community Leadership

  • Provide community leadership in collaboration with other local organisations.
  • Provide a vehicle for our residents to share their views, concerns and requirements.
  • Promote and support community assets including the park and play area, village hall, war memorial, allotments, The Dashwood Arms and Common Land.
  • Promote and support community events including the Horticultural Show, Remembrance Service and community litter picks.
  • Encourage and support other local organisations and individuals to improve the Piddington and Wheeler End community and environment.
  • Maintain the Parish website as a focal point for local information.
  • Provide leadership during local emergencies and liaise with Buckinghamshire Council, emergency services and other agencies.
  • Maintain an understanding of new legislation and consider the impacts and opportunities arising from it.

Development and Infrastructure

  • Promote suitable developments, oppose inappropriate ones and consider the impact of our decisions on our community, environment, flora and fauna.
  • Press for improvements and initiatives to improve the safety of our roads, pavements and footpaths.
  • Work to reduce litter discarded in our area, discourage fly-tipping and continue to promote the use of Fix-My-Street by our residents to report environmental crime and issues to Buckinghamshire Council.


  • Maintain and promote the recreational use of the Piddington playing field and playground equipment.
  • Maintain and promote the appropriate use of the Piddington allotments.
  • Maintain the War Memorial at Wheeler End.  
  • Maintain Piddington Green, Olly’s Copse, Chipps Hill and other areas and spaces in our stewardship.
  • Encourage and support the gathering and collation of historical information about Piddington and Wheeler End.


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